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4 Reasons To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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If you wear makeup, you probably have a favorite set of makeup brushes, and more than likely, that set has been around for a while. As a savvy consumer, you may not want to throw out your old brushes for a new set every time your current brushes look a bit dirty. Nevertheless, using clean brushes to apply your makeup is important. Here are a few reasons why:

Dirty brushes contain bacteria.

About 80 percent of people in America have been affected by acne at some point, and the main culprits in a breakout are often bacteria. Studies show that there may be good bacteria and bad bacteria on your skin. One bacterium, Propionibacterium acnes, aggravates your skin and causes an immune response that results in the red, swollen bumps known as "acne."

When you apply cosmetics to your skin, your makeup brush picks up tiny, dead skin cells and bacteria that were on the surface of your skin. If the brush is not regularly cleaned, the bacteria in it multiply. Every time you use your bacteria-filled brush, you are applying more than makeup to your skin. You are applying germs that can enter your pores and cause a breakout. 

Dirty brushes contain cosmetic buildup.

Powdery makeup can be a bit grainy. As the lightest granules flow from your brush onto your face, coarser, heavier makeup particles may remain in your brush, causing it to feel scratchy against your skin. Repeatedly using a scratchy makeup brush can irritate sensitive skin.

Oil from your skin gets trapped in the brush fibers.

Your skin secretes oil. If you reapply your makeup throughout the day to get rid of your shiny glow, your brushes are absorbing a great deal of oil from your face. The oil may clog your pores and cause pimples. In addition, it can become a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

Various makeup colors can become caught in your brush.

Have you ever used the same makeup brush to apply blush and foundation? Multiple colors trapped in a makeup brush can cause you to apply the wrong color to your fact unintentionally. The rosy hue that you wanted to grace your cheeks may end up giving your entire face a red glow.

Your makeup brushes should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. However, if you don't use suitable cleaning agents, the brushes may not be thoroughly cleaned, or the brush bristles may start to loosen. To learn the best ways to clean your brush and to purchase makeup brush cleaner designed for safe and effective cleaning, contact a cosmetic specialist today.