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Lengthening The Life Of Your Manicure

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For many women, having the ability to wear nail polish evokes feelings of femininity and artistic control. While nail polish can be a great way to express your sense of style, it can become an eyesore when it begins to chip and crack. Finding ways to make your nail polish last longer can be a great way to make this beauty product more versatile.

Here are three simple tips you can use to extend the life of your nail polish in the future.

1. Prep your nail bed with vinegar before polishing.

Applying nail polish to an oily or contaminated nail bed is one of the major reasons why polish can flake or chip off over time. Oil and contaminants prevent the polish from achieving proper adhesion to the natural nail, lowering its ability to withstand daily use.

By dipping a cotton ball in vinegar and swiping it across each nail before applying your polish, you can eliminate any oil or contaminants from your nail bed. This simple preparation trick will help your manicure last longer.

2. Create a cap with your top coat.

Most ladies know that the application of a top coat can be a great way to protect nail polish from the environmental hazards that often cause chipping. What these women fail to realize is that covering the top surface of the polish alone is not sufficient to provide the type of protection needed to extend the life of a manicure.

The next time you paint your nails, try creating a cap with your top coat. A cap is simply a swipe of top coat that is applied to the tip of your fingernail. This cap protects the polish at the edge of your nail from chipping when you engage in activities that require manual dexterity (like typing or texting).

3. Apply your polish in thin strokes.

It can be tempting to pack the polish on with each stroke of the bottle's applicator brush, but this practice could be compromising the integrity of your manicure. Polish that is applied too thick won't dry properly, leaving your manicure susceptible to smudges and smearing.

If you are using a polish that is somewhat sheer, try applying several thin coats of polish rather than a single thick layer of color. Your manicure will perform better when you apply your polish in thin strokes.

Engaging in some simple practices that can extend the life of your manicure will help you better create a polished look that will have real staying power. If you're looking to buy holographic nail polish to improve your manicure, check out websites like