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Things to Do When You Are Getting Gel Nails

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If you have decided that you want to head off to the salon to get gel nails, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of everything that is important for you to know. This way, you can be prepared to make the most out of the new gel nails that you are going to get.

Trim Your Nails Short

While it can be tempting to stick with the longer nails for your manicure, you might want to consider trimming your nails so that they are a little shorter. Not only are shorter nails a lot easier to deal with, but there is a direct benefit to having short nails when you are getting a gel treatment. The main concern is that the gel treatment has been known to cause your natural nails to become a little thinner and brittle. The natural nail is then more prone to snagging or ripping. Therefore, the shorter your nails, the less likely you are going to experience a lot of problems with this.

Use Sunscreen on Your Hands

Your hands will spend some time under the drying lamps at the salon after you get your gel nails. Even though this is not an overly extensive amount of time, any time spent under such lights should cause you to want to protect your skin from the harmful rays. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are applying a quality sunscreen on your hands. Instead of doing this before going in for your appointment, you will want to take the sunscreen in with you. The reason for this is because at one point, the nail technician is going to have you wash your hands, which would wash off any previously applied sunscreen. Instead, you can apply the sunscreen after the final washing of your hands. You will simply have to make sure that your nails and cuticles are thoroughly dry so the technician can continue his or her work.

Avoid Getting Back-to-Back Gel-Nail Treatments

The reason you will want to stagger your gel-nail treatments is that you need to allow your nails some time to breathe. By doing that, you will help keep your nails much healthier since they will be able to get the oxygen that they need. Even if all you are doing is going a week or so between gel treatments, that is much better than having the old gel removed and new gel applied on the same day.

By knowing more about what you need to do when getting gel nails and making use of that advice, you will be less likely to run into a lot of problems. Talk to a company such as Gel-Nails to learn more.